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Flash White Sale

Aluminum Strap Furniture

Aluminum Sling Furniture


FLASH White Sale

  • White Frames on Strap – Color Options for Sling
  • White -Or- Royal Blue straps, choice of accent colors (not patterns)
  • Choice of fabrics on sling models - priced in B Grade (upcharge for higher grades)
  • Orders must be completed by 4-27-18
  • Orders must ship when ready, in 3-4 weeks
Item NumberDescriptionPrice
W3-W0310WS Welded Skids $119
W3-W0310NS Nylon Skids $129
W3-W0350 Strap Chair $69
W3-W0310SLNBT Nylon Skids $155
W3-W0310SLWBT Welded Skids $169
W3-W1550BT Sling Chair $92

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