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Grades D and E Fabrics

D101 Dupione Dove


D103 Dupione Peridot


D104 Dupione Latte


D108 Shimmertaupe


D109 Shimmerterra


D110 Shimmerpottery


D111 Shimmercork


D112 Shimmernutmeg


D114 Shimmerpeakcock


D117 Spotlightnectar


D118 Spotlightsterling


D119 Rivercanespice


D120 Deepbronze


D26 S Bamboowickerl


D37s Honeycombbronze


D46 S Maderanatural


D52 Scpm Lamontlichens


D55 S Canewickerbalsa


D56s Canewickerdesert


D60 Berenson Tuxedo


D60 Cpm Berensontuxs


D61 Canvas Jockey Red


D61 Canvasjockeyred


D62 Bravada Limelite


D62 Cpm Bravadalimelites


D63 Harwood Crimson


D63 Cpm Harwoodcrimsons


D64 Bay Brown


D64 Canvas Bay Brown 5432 0000


D65 Dupione Bamboo


D65 Cpm Dupbamboos


D66 Cpm Cordele Chilis


D67 Wyndham Dune


D67 Cpm Wyndhamdunes


D68 Wyndham Wheat


D68 Cpm Wyndhamwheats


D69 Cpm Tamericanao


D70 Spm Driftwoodl




D73 Canvas Ginkgo








D76 Zenith Brick






D78 Linen Sesame




D79 Linen Chili




D80 Dupione Aloe




D81 Dupione Celeste




D82 Dupione Sand










D98 Mod Bolossoms Pink


D99 Treasure Apricot


E18 Dupione Papaya


E33 Dupione Nectarine


E34 Sailcloth Sienna


E39 Sailcloth Seagull


E47 Madisonbarley


E48 Madisongranite


E49 Shimmertruffle


E50 Shimmerpesto


Grades D and E FabricsContract Furnishings International

Contract Furnishings International is Your Source for Factory Direct patio furniture and pool furniture; restaurant and cafe seating; tables and outdoor furnishings of all kinds. Our vinyl strap aluminum pool and patio furniture (perfect for decks and balconies too) is a collection of collection of Next Generation, Truly Commercial, Premium Quality powder coated pool furniture, with a strong focus on Safety Features. A comprehensive selection of Grosfillex brand commercial resin furniture is also available. Premium quality imported interior and exterior rattan and wicker furnishings are offered in three extensive collections of wicker styles and usage grades. Market, beach, cantilever, and concession umbrellas make up our umbrella line. Park and Playground products include picnic tables, park benches, trash cans, and more.

We listen to customers and help them select furniture and furnishings that best meet their requirements. At Contract Furnishings International you get the respect and customer service you deserve. Thank you for choosing Contract Furnishings International as your outdoor and indoor commercial furniture provider.

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