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Grosfillex Furniture - Commercial Grade Plastic Resin Furniture

Grosfillex Furniture - Commercial Grade Plastic Resin Furniture

Grosfillex Commercial Resin Outdoor Furniture Grosfillex furniture is synonymous with quality and durability across the product line that includes indoor and outdoor furniture. Both the indoor furniture and outdoor furniture lines include tables and chairs with the outdoor Grosfillex furniture line adding chaise lounge chairs, umbrellas, fencing, and coordinating accessories. Grosfillex furniture is a great choice for pool furniture and patio furniture.

There is a good chance you have enjoyed the quality and style of Grosfillex furniture while visiting hotels, resorts, clubs, public pools, and restaurants. It is not by mistake that buyers of commercial furniture choose Grosfillex, they know that the return on investment and low costs of ownership will keep management and employees happy too. Grosfillex commercial resin furniture is forgiving, durable, and easy to clean.

Grosfillex insists on delivering exceptional quality in every piece of furniture they make. They pay attention to details in the manufacturing process and use the best materials available. Grosfillex furniture sets the standard of excellent throughout the industry and has established quality and safety through ASTM standard for commercial outdoor seating.

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Grosfillex Resin Side Dining Chairs

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Grosfillex Resin Arm Chairs

View Grosfillex Resin Arm Chairs Products

Grosfillex Chaise Lounge Chairs

View Grosfillex Chaise Lounge Chairs Products

Grosfillex Resin Dining Tables

View Grosfillex Resin Dining Tables Products

Grosfillex Resin Sling Furniture

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Grosfillex Melamine Tables and Bases

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Grosfillex Resin Tables with Metal Legs

View Grosfillex Resin Tables with Metal Legs Products

Grosfillex Winston Tables

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Grosfillex Low Tables

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Grosfillex Umbrellas and Umbrella Bases

View Grosfillex Umbrellas and Umbrella Bases Products

Grosfillex Patio Furniture

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Grosfillex Bahia Chaise Sale

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Grosfillex Furniture - Commercial Grade Plastic Resin FurnitureContract Furnishings International

Contract Furnishings International is Your Source for Factory Direct patio furniture and pool furniture; restaurant and cafe seating; tables and outdoor furnishings of all kinds. Our vinyl strap aluminum pool and patio furniture (perfect for decks and balconies too) is a collection of collection of Next Generation, Truly Commercial, Premium Quality powder coated pool furniture, with a strong focus on Safety Features. A comprehensive selection of Grosfillex brand commercial resin furniture is also available. Premium quality imported interior and exterior rattan and wicker furnishings are offered in three extensive collections of wicker styles and usage grades. Market, beach, cantilever, and concession umbrellas make up our umbrella line. Park and Playground products include picnic tables, park benches, trash cans, and more.

We listen to customers and help them select furniture and furnishings that best meet their requirements. At Contract Furnishings International you get the respect and customer service you deserve. Thank you for choosing Contract Furnishings International as your outdoor and indoor commercial furniture provider.

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