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Stained Chaise Lounges - Tannic Acid Before & After

We speak in our CFI Catalog about Tannic Acid falling from various common trees and bushes onto our outdoor furniture and decks, potentially permanently staining them if not promptly cleaned.* 

..........But what does that look like?

See our published 'expert article:'

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Among other uses, tannic acid is used to dye leather. Found in pods, leaves, flowers, bark - and pollen - of dozens of common trees and shrubs, it can leave permanent stains on your decks and furniture. 

This is pollen season. It's happening now!

If a 'picture is worth 1000 words,' here's an Essay on what tannic acid looks like, when it falls out of trees & bushes - lands on your furniture and decks - gets wet - and lays there for a while, baking in the sun.

*You can easily see the stains, which will wipe off with Dawn and water for a limited time. At a point they'll become permanent. 

Vinyl straps are more susceptible than Poly or PVC-coated commercial outdoor furniture slings, but not all slings are created equal, and not all slings are worthy of commercial outdoor use. 

Best practice is to clean this up right away.

For best results. 

BEFORE: A vinyl-strapped chaise sitting outside under oak trees, during Oak pollen.

AFTER: After a prompt cleaning.

Don't let it bake in and become permanent.  This is what it looks like. 

Feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.

Joe Griffin


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