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Best Commercial Patio Furniture

Selecting the Best Commercial Patio Furniture for Your Application and Requirements

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Selecting the Best Commercial Patio Furniture Patio furniture can make or break a hotel and resort, it is the difference between a great community pool and a place no one wants to hang out at, and great patio furniture can be the final touch on luxury. In the same manner that patio furniture can take on so many types, materials, colors, and styles; commercial patio furniture carefully selected can make your customers and constitutes be your biggest fans. Classic Style Commercial Patio Furniture As popular today as ever, classic commercial patio styles usually means vinyl strap aluminum furniture. Vinyl strap aluminum patio furniture is well known and tends to last especially when well cared for. Quality, commercial aluminum patio furniture will have a fine finish on all tubing. To create the lasting finishes the frames are sandblasted then powder coated. The result is a finish that lasts for years in direct sunlight and through regular commercial use. Powder coating commercial patio furniture frames allows for selection of a wide range of colors and even custom colors on larger orders. Vinyl straps for aluminum patio furniture are double-wrapped for strength and longevity – this is a feature not common to residential grade patio furniture. Commercial grade aluminum patio furniture will also have high-grade feet and footings that balance the furniture on uneven surfaces and protect patios and furniture from scrapes and chips to the frames. Modern Trends in Commercial Patio Furniture Selecting unique modern patio furniture is a trend common in many high-end resorts, luxury apartment complexes, and outdoor patio spaces for office buildings and restaurants. These modern styles can include, deep seating aluminum furniture, or even selecting bold colors and patterns for aluminum sling patio furniture. Modern patio furniture is available in clean minimalist styles to complement edgy designs and themes. One modern trend is adding pillows and specialized patio furniture covers for that special touch. Many designers and planners have gained the modern feel for a patio space through their arrangement and grouping of patio furniture to create sitting, dining, and lounge areas. With modern commercial patio furniture, the arrangement is just as important as the furniture selections themselves. Contract Furnishings International has significant experience with helping customers select the most appropriate and best commercial patio furniture for their application and needs. We welcome the opportunity to share our patio furniture knowledge with you by answering any questions you might have. 

Selecting the Best Commercial Patio Furniture for Your Application and Requirements

Contract Furnishings International is Your Source for Factory Direct patio furniture and pool furniture; restaurant and cafe seating; tables and outdoor furnishings of all kinds. Our vinyl strap aluminum pool and patio furniture (perfect for decks and balconies too) is a collection of Next Generation, Truly Commercial, Premium Quality powder coated pool furniture, with a strong focus on Safety Features.

A comprehensive selection of Grosfillex brand commercial resin furniture is also available. Premium quality exterior wicker furnishings are offered in several extensive collections of styles. Market, beach, cantilever, and concession umbrellas make up our umbrella line. Park and Playground products include picnic tables, park benches, trash cans, and more.

We listen to customers and help them select furniture and furnishings that best meet their requirements. At Contract Furnishings International you get the respect and customer service you deserve. Thank you for choosing Contract Furnishings International as your outdoor and indoor commercial furniture provider.


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