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Types of Pool and Patio Furniture for Commercial Properties

A Guide to Selecting Appropriate Pool Furniture and Patio Furniture for Commercial Properties

Contract Furnishings International is your source for commercial, wholesale, factory direct patio, pool, and outdoor furnishings of all types for businesses, restaurants, resorts, etc.. Grosfillex, Aluminum, Deep Seating, Wicker, Umbrellas & Shade, Playground & Park, Site Furnishings and more!

What kinds of furniture are appropriate for commercial properties?

Commercial grade resin furniture is very popular due to its low maintenance and high durability It ships quickly, stacks well, is relatively Lightweight and easy to move around, cleans easily, and doesn't require re-strapping and refinishing. Modern colors and designs are very attractive, and are quite durable in commercial applications. Resin furniture is even available in "sling" styles with modern styling, consumer replaceable slings and cruise ship quality. Be sure the commercial use resin furniture you purchase is made of "prime" resin material, with commercial grade bracing and specifications.

Commercial grade recycled plastic furniture is favored for its low maintenance and high durability. Super heavy-duty picnic tables, park benches, and waste receptacles are made from recycled plastic milk cartons and other recyclables There are several different grades of recycled plastic, and only A+ grade material should be used for commercial purposes. This material is often extruded into wood-textured slats and boards that are difficult to tell from the real thing. However, the material is almost indestructible and is truly a long term investment for a moderate cost. All the hardware should be stainless steel.

Commercial grade strapped aluminum furniture is very popular due to its relative durability and comfort. High quality American made virgin vinyl straps have memory and do not sag or break for many years. This is a medium maintenance product, which does require proper cleaning on a regular basis. There is a vast array of specifications and levels of quality and durability in the strapped aluminum furniture industry. Often, strapped furniture is sold as commercial grade with specifications that are well below the accepted standards. Again, pay close attention to the design, bracing, and safety features of strapped aluminum pool furniture, and make sure the warranty is a commercial use warranty.

Commercial grade aluminum sling furniture is becoming increasingly popular for its comfort and stylish look, incorporating the appearance of cushion furniture but without the cushions, which do not fare well in the typical commercial environment. Look for super high quality sling fabrics. Sling furniture only looks good as long as the slings are tight. While slings are typically difficult to replace, it can be done. Certain fabrics, typically vinyl coated polyester fabrics with very high thread counts, are most durable. Don't purchase low grade sling fabrics, but insist on very high quality fabrics that are rated for use commercial sling material.

Pay special attention to the construction of the frame. The slings are made tight with bolts which should always be stainless steel bolts, preferably ones that go all the way through the sling furniture frame. This "bolt-through process" has solved the problem of aluminum sling furniture frames breaking where the fabric is attached to the frame.

Sling furniture is a moderate to high maintenance product, which does require regular, proper cleaning and also requires a higher level of care with the furniture itself.

What About Colors?

Once your association has chosen a style of furniture, then comes the issue of colors. As a general guideline, try to match the color of the pool tile, along with the colors in the pool deck and/or surrounding areas.

For resin furniture, teak color simulated wood texture looks great in any setting Other colors should be matched to the pool tile or other prominent colors in the area. The frames of resin sling pieces are generally made in white only, and the sling and matching umbrella colors create the accent, which should blend with the pool tile colors. A Teakwood frame finish, and a Bronze Mist frame finish are available on one style of resin sling chaise only. Note that resin furniture is made with the color throughout the resin material, so that a scratch will be the same color as the rest of the piece.

Wood tone recycled plastic picnic tables and park benches look very nice in any setting. They are also available in a variety of color combinations, to meet virtually any color scheme.

With strapped aluminum furniture, we recommend using white, off-white or light beige powder coat color and main strap color, whichever closest matches the deck color, with accent straps in the color of the pool tile. White and off-white vinyl colors are most durable. Umbrellas should match the accent straps. Lighter colors are more durable, in most cases.

With sling style aluminum furniture and with wicker and rattan furniture, you can build a conservative or a very tropical look with the fabric choices that are available. Again, you want to pick up the prominent colors in the area, avoiding the darkest colors, as they will fade the most.

By following these guidelines, your community association can achieve the look you want for your swimming pool and other common areas, with excellent performance for many years from the furniture, due to wise choices in its selection.

Contract Furnishings International is Your Source for Factory Direct patio furniture and pool furniture; restaurant and cafe seating; tables and outdoor furnishings of all kinds. Our vinyl strap aluminum pool and patio furniture (perfect for decks and balconies too) is a collection of collection of Next Generation, Truly Commercial, Premium Quality powder coated pool furniture, with a strong focus on Safety Features. A comprehensive selection of Grosfillex brand commercial resin furniture is also available. Market, beach, cantilever, and concession umbrellas make up our umbrella line.

Park and Playground products include picnic tables, park benches, trash cans, and more.

We listen to customers and help them select furniture and furnishings that best meet their requirements. At Contract Furnishings International you get the respect and customer service you deserve. Thank you for choosing Contract Furnishings International as your outdoor and indoor commercial furniture provider.


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