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Summer Outdoor Furniture Selling Much Earlier in 2023

Time is of the Essence for Summer Outdoor Furniture Sales (particularly aluminum) #ContractFurnishingCommercialOutdoorFurniture #CommercialOutdoorFurniture #CommercialPoolFurniture #AluminumPoolFurniture

Time is of the Essence if you want to receive your custom Outdoor Furniture sooner than about 20 weeks, ie June 15th (as of 2-1-2023)

It's not just us, either. 20++ weeks is US Industry Standard

Here are pertinent thoughts on timing and price:

It's a different reality now. It is astounding but true:

Memorial Day is in essence very nearly Sold Out (aluminum furniture) in January! That's crazy! Normally, we sell out in late March, early April.

Other aluminum factories have similar issues because it's all about domestic supply & demand, shipping & labor. It takes all of us longer to get the raw materials, longer to put them together, and longer to ship them.

We can still get most styles of Grosfillex Commercial Furniture and our Preferred line of Umbrellas in a couple weeks, Thank goodness!

We still have goods to sell for Memorial Day! 😎

In addition, Commercial Customers nationwide are Pandemic-weary, with Battle Scars from the past few years. They know all about modern Supply & Demand.

A couple of our own great customers have waited over a year, for Sunset replaceable Slings in particular, and for Java Wicker. Those products, from France, are still coming, ever so slow.

This year, let me tell you, our customers hit the ground running on January 3rd (and before). It's unbelievable.

By February 1st we're 'nearly sold out' in aluminum for Memorial Day (and not just us).

It's totally unprecedented.

If you want new commercial outdoor furniture and umbrellas this Summer...

- Memorial Day & 4th of July are extraordinarily busy this year -

Let us know what you need right away so we can do what we need to do to make it happen for you!

Your options are becoming more limited by the day. This is not hyperbole.


Our price is sharp and fair, everything considered.

It's unbelievable how much more expensive our raw materials, labor, and shipping costs are, today (shipping 'to' us as well as 'from' us).

Cost of Goods is considerably higher, Industrywide.

Aluminum, oh my.

Here's a recent example.

I was totally floored recently by our current Cost of adding welded aluminum skids to say, a sand chair. Meant for use on sand, sand chairs usually don't have welded skids. I needed 500 sand chairs with skids...

Our welded skids are solid aluminum bar.

Our welded skids are about 1/4" thick x 1/2" wide and about 8-10" long. Thicker and longer than average, ie better than most.

Most factories use short little straight skids when needed on sand chairs. Those protect the bottoms of the sled base but not the sides.

As with chaises, sand chairs can be dragged on the sides, which may eat sharp-edged holes in the tubing. That is a major liability concern as well as potential major damage.

We use regular chaise lounge skids, hand bent to fit around the curve of the sides, protecting the sand chair's aluminum tubing from dragging on all pertinent angles, as with our chaises.

We used to sell four of them for about $20-25 per sand chair (four extra-long welded skids)...

Now it's going to have to be about $45 per sand chair. It will save the sand chairs for years of hard use on concrete, so it's still worth it...

A much less expensive option is to use 'quarter inch nylon stem glides' instead. However, those have to be watched and maintained.

Domestic aluminum (ours is sourced in Florida) has more than doubled in cost during the past year.

Our Welded skids are solid aluminum.

The Outdoor Furniture Industry is screaming busy already, particularly powder coated aluminum outdoor furniture, which is likely to sell out for Memorial Day within the next few weeks.

4th of July won't be far behind. If you want new powder coated aluminum outdoor pool & patio furniture this Summer... time is of the essence. Order soon.

We do have other options... 😎 Be prepared for a bit of sticker shock.

Everything is more expensive.

We have contained our increases as much as possible. It's a merry-go-round out there if you want to ride it. Or, maybe better a screaming roller coaster ride, lol.

We try to make it simple as possible, here at CFI.

We will offer you the highest quality Outdoor Furniture and Umbrella specifications in the Industry at our most competitive Wholesale prices.

We'll guide you through all the confusion and towards the best products for your own particular circumstances. There are many styles & colors available, several details to cover, many options available.

What's best for you? We look forward to work with you!


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