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Which Type of Market Umbrella is Best for You? Crank, Pulley & Auto Tilt Umbrellas Compared....

HOA’s love Crank Umbrellas because they are easy. Until they break, then they are not so easy anymore. Here’s what happens: People invariably crank them too tight.

It’s just human nature to make sure it’s cranked up all the way, as high as it can go.

Then give it an extra twist or two, just to be sure.

Key Fact: One can stop cranking any time and the Crank umbrella will stay in that position.

It doesn’t have to be cranked higher to secure it.

There’s a red (or white) stop pin on most Crank umbrellas that is the maximum point the hub can reach before breaking the cord. It isn’t necessary or helpful to crank it up all the way to the red (or white) STOP pin.

The higher (tighter) you crank the umbrella, the more pressure on the umbrella cord.

People invariably crank them too tight.

Some people crank them one way. Others crank them the other way.

Standard practice: crank right to go up, crank left to go down.

However, the umbrella crank will likely crank in either direction.

Over time, crank umbrella cords get twisted, snarled, and stretched.

Then they break.

#1 Rule of Umbrellas: Closed when not in Use!

That’s why Crank Umbrellas are so popular at HOA’s.

Easy for anyone to crank them up and down. When they work…


Contract Furnishings Commercial Market Umbrellas

The Most Durable Umbrella is the Push-up/Manual Lift

Least number of moving parts, less stress on the frame.

Condos and HOA’s generally don’t like Push-up Umbrellas. Push up is more for Theme parks, Resorts, and Hospitality properties with Maintenance staff. Condo’s and HOA’s like the ease of cranking up and down. However, that comes with the problems noted above.

The 2nd Most Durable Umbrella is Pulley Lift

Pull our umbrella’s ribs open a little bit, to release the hub. Then easily pull it up and fully open with the heavy-duty umbrella rope and stainless steel pulley provided.

The heavy-duty stainless-steel pin will secure the umbrella open in one of several ‘tension holes’ provided. The Pin is attached to the hub with a deluxe, durable vinyl-coated stainless-steel chain.

This umbrella does not tilt. If you don’t need the rope, simply untie the rope and the umbrella becomes manual lift (push-up.)

COST: For Standard colors:

7.5’ Octagon $389.00/each, 9.0’ Octagon $419.00/each plus tax, shipping

The 3rd Most Durable Umbrella is the Auto Tilt Umbrella

(Our Invention), which is the Ultimate Crank Umbrella

We discussed that HOA’s prefer the convenience of cranking umbrellas up and down.

They resist using pulleys, and push-up works best when there’s maintenance staff available to do the pushing.

So, nearly 20 years ago we invented the ‘Auto Tilt’ umbrella. It’s been refined over the years and works very well.

I don’t know of any other factories that make it. Remember I said the problem with Crank Umbrellas is: Crank it too tight, crank it multiple ways… the cord stretches and twists… and breaks…

Look what we can do now!!

  • If you crank THIS umbrella too tight, it will TILT over, releasing the pressure on the cord.

Crank the handle back a notch or two and it will return to normal.

Crank until it Tilts, no problem… it is made for that…

Crank back to unTilt.

Very cool!

COST: Standard colors:

7.5’ Octagon $429.00/each, 9.0’ Octagon $459.00/each plus tax, shipping

Our most popular Commercial Market Umbrella is our Market Umbrella with beefy ½” round fiberglass ribs, which comes in 2 styles; Pulley Lift (can be converted to manual lift) and Auto Tilt (Ultimate Crank Umbrella). These umbrellas have Marine Grade fabric covers that are Solution-dyed acrylic fabric, well-stitched and with multiple reinforcements of the pockets. You can learn more about these incredibly durable and popular umbrellas on our website, Click Here

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